Barber Shaver ZY430 Shave Ready Shaving Straight Edge Razor Cut Throat Folding Knife Men Shave Beard




* Made with only the most serious shavers in mind,Each razor is sharpened by our 70 years old MASTER(SHIFU).
* The point where the shoulder joins the cutting edge is called the heel.It has been smoothed.It is Convenient for honing the razor.
* Jimps (Fluting) on the Underside of the Tang.They provide a better grip on a razor.One or two fingers resting on the tang also help stabilize the blade while shaving.
* Compared with the Gold Dollar straight razor, this razor blade is more durable and sharper,offer your the best shaving experience ever
* Created by highly acclaimed manufacturer of quality mens wet shaving razor especially with the cream or soap,such as those from our store.
* Be sure to strop your razor before every use, to ensure a very sharp edge.You can buy those from our store.
* Straight razor shaving has meditative benefits.It is a craft that requires you to slow down and really focus on what you are doing. After a few times of shaving with a straight razor, you just might start to notice yourself entering an incredibly manly zen-like state.

* Don’t store your razors in the bathroom if you can avoid it. Your bathroom is humid, and the razors you are not using may rust, particularly if they are made of carbon steel.
* Straight razor shaving can be dangerous, so try this for the first time when you are not distracted.

Material: Plastic handle + carbon steel blade
Net Weight: 54.8 g Or 1.93 oz
Total length:~24cm / 9.5 inch
Folding length:~16.5cm / 6.5 inch
Lengh of blade: ~7cm / 2.8 inch
Packing include:
1x Straight Razor



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