Feiyu WG2 Updated 3-Axis Wearable Waterproof Gimbal for GoPro Hero5 / GoPro Hero4 / Session and Cameras

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Optimize the algorithm for the use of wear-type stabilizer scene, the new G platform algorithm according to WG2 common scene under the attitude of the targeted optimization, enhances the axial range of motion, eliminates posture dead angle bug, enhances the anti-interference and computing power of its sensor under high-frequency jitter and high-speed motion. 
APP + BT Remote Controller: New version Feiyu ON APP comes with functionality of remote control, parameters setting and firmware update. 
The WG2 can work for 2.5h during exercise with its built-in lithium battery. Charging with chager via USB cable is supported. 
Brand: FeiyuTech 
Model: WG2 
Max. Load Capacity: 130g / 4.6oz 
Comaptibility: For GoPro Hero5/4, Session action cameras, for Yi 4K, for SJCAM, for EKEN, for APEMAN, for AKASO and Other action cameras with similar dimensions 
Tilting Angle: 360° 
Rolling Angle: 70° 
Panning Angle: 360° 
Tilting Increments: 2°/s~75°/s (min.~max.) 
Panning Increments: 3°/s~150°/s (min.~max.) 
Usage Time: 2.5 hours at one time (fully charged) 
Item Weight: 265g / 9.4oz 
Package Size: 20 * 14 * 7.5cm / 7.9 * 5.5 * 3in 
Package Weight: 742g / 26.2oz 
Package List: 
1 * WG2 Wearable Gimbal 
1 * Storage Bag 
1 * USB Cable 
1 * User Manual (English, Russian, Japanese, 
French, German, Chinese) 
1 * Andoer Cleaning Cloth 
Make sure the camera is secure on the gimbal before powering on it. 
When not in use, turn off the gimbal and then remove the camera. 
Please make sure the built-in battery is fully charged before you use the gimbal for the first time.


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