Zhiyun Crane Plus 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Brushless Motors for Mirrorless Camera with ZW-B02 Remote Dual Handheld Grip

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Zhiyun Crane Plus with MotionMemory, POV, Night Time-lapse Photography and Improved Object-tracking on Zhiyun Crane V2 
for Mirrorless Camera Sony A7 Series Panasonic LUMIX Series Nikon J Series Canon M Series
Zhiyun Crane Plus is the update version of Zhiyun Crane V2. Crane Plus is designed with some new functions such as MotionMemory and POV.
It is improved on payload from 1.8kg to 2.5kg. You can not only have time-lapse photography in daytime but also at night. It is still powered by two 
26500 Batteries which keep supporting 6 hours and 12 hours operating time respectively.
1. a payload of up to 2.5kg (5.51lbs); phone APP – ZY Play support motion time-lapse and panoramas photography
2. MotionMemory to save the movements of advanced camera such as the interval, number of shots, duration
3. Designed with POV (Point of View) mode, allows for additional 45 degrees camera movement even when you roll left or right
4. Object-tracking via phone app control, easier and convenient to track the moving object
time-lapse photography in daytime and at night; a long-exposure time-lapse that add in a new dimension of motion and depth
5. Line-up accessories: Anti-Slip sweatband for extended use, control cable able to sync operation of the camera and stabilizer on shooting and zooming, 
Camera Cables for Controlling and Charging Camera, Aluminum tripod for Placing Gimbal
Dimension(L*W*H): 173mm*188mm*389-402mm
Weight: 950g (Battery excluded)
Payload weight: 350-2500g
Operation current: 80mA-6000mA
Operation temperature: 0-45 Celsius
Run-time: 6-12h
Tilt/Roll/Pan axis mechanical movement range: 360 degrees
Maximum payload lens: 70mm lens
Zhiyun Li-ion battery
Model: 26500 Li-ion
Capacity: 3600mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery weight: 42g (single)
Maximum charging current: 800mAh

Zhiyun Dual Handheld Grip for Zhiyun Crane Zhiyun Crane-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

1. Made of Aerospace aluminum alloy, Lightweight and Durable.
2. Specially Designed for Zhiyun Crane and Crane-M Gimbal, freely change between Single-Hand/Dual-Hand Operation.
3. There are Two 1/4 Screws on the grip, for connecting monitor, bluetooth remote or any other accessories with your cameras.

Zhiyun ZW-B02 Wireless Remote Controller

It is a wireless remote control for Zhiyun stabilizers
1. Power on/off by power/shutter button within 1 to 2 seconds, there is also a power level indicator during charging and using; 
and the button at the same time is available for your shutter control (Smooth 3 unincluded)
2. Get your firmware upgrade by remote controller through ZY Play after Bluetooth pairing with the smartphone.
3. Modes switch as the function of mode button in the stabilizer.
4. Camera movement is controlled by joystick button which is the same with joystick in the stabilizer.
5. Zooming control by shifter lever






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